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Browman F.A.Q's

Why Use a Freight Forwarder:

 Q. What services will my Freight Forwarder perform on my behalf?
 A. Booking space on a vessel, issuing Bills of Lading and arranging for your freight to get from it’s origin to destination is only a small piece of a Freight Forwarder’s responsibilities.  A good Forwarder will file customs on your behalf, keep you up to date on regulations specific to the country or countries you are shipping to, and handle all of your documentation needs, whether it be Certificates of Origins, Bank Drafts, Letters of Credit, etc. provide you with adequate Insurance coverage should this be desired and track your shipment from the time it leaves your door to the time it arrives at it’s destination.
 Q. What sort of documents must I provide?
 A. Usually all that is required from the Shipper is a Commercial Invoice and Packing List or Shipping Instructions in another format from which the pertinent information can be extrapolated in order to create the Shipping documents.

 Q. What are the costs?
 A. Freight Forwarders are reimbursed from the Shipper through a fee which is negotiated between the two parties depending on the services provided.  Booking space on the vessel, arranging for any inland haulage, and any specialized documentation needs (e.g.Conular/ Embassy Documents) are all components which need to be taken into account.

 Q. Why do I need Browman Freight as my Forwarder?                    
 A. S.H.I.P…..Speed, Handling, Information and Purchasing Power
Speed - Browman Freight understands that time is money.  The faster your documents are processed the sooner you get paid it’s that simple.   We have a staff of dedicated personnel that ensure the accurate and timely issuance of your Bills of Lading allowing your company to profit from increased cash flow.

Handling - We also understand that part of our responsibility is to act as an advocate on your behalf.  When problems do arise, whether it be changes to your destination or accessorial charges such as demurrage or detention Browman Freight can turn to our extensive relationships with most Carriers spanning close to 30 years in order to obtain a favorable resolution.

Informed – Ever since 9/11 not just the US and Canada but countries around the world have taken a more proactive approach at regulating what sort of commodities are accepted at their ports, how they must be packaged and what sort of documentation must accompany them.  Browman Freight will ensure that you are constantly kept up to date with these ever changing requirements in order to avoid timely and often costly mistakes.

Purchasing Power – While not the only factor, for many shippers, cost is the most important factor in determining whom to ship with.  Fortunately, Browman Freight’s leverage allows us to offer exceptionally competitive rates to many destinations across the globe through service contracts that have been established with most of the Major Steamship Lines.

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